Business Ventures & Acquisition Vehicles

Inc. Pros supports Entrepreneurs and Investors building and buying companies and property.

We take a hands on approach tailored to meet the ultimate goals of each client.

Professional Structure for Business Ventures & Acquisition Vehicles


Inc. Pros specializes in providing Entrepreneurs and Investors with professional structure.


We ensure that Business Ventures and Acquisition Vehicles are built on a solid foundation, setting up the optimal legal framework, organizing funding and finances and maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations.


Business Ventures encompass a wide range of entrepreneurial activities.


Starting with Solopreneurs and Small-Midsize Businesses, on to Venture-Backed Startups, Creative Endeavors and Intl.-U.S Operators, each type of enterprise has unique characteristics with a shared need for structure.


Acquisition Vehicles are entities created to purchase property and securities in the private market.


Examples include SPVs, Holding Companies, Parent-Subsidiaries, Platform Roll-Ups and Financing Companies, each investment vehicle structured to optimize capital management and achieve strategic objectives.


Work with Inc. Pros to establish your enterprise. 


Open for Business
$500 + filing fees
  •      Incorporation
  •      Registered Agent
  •      EIN
  •      Corporate Governance
  •      Business Bank Account
  •      Annual Compliance + $250
Enterprise Establishment
$2000 + filing fees
  •      Open for Business plus
  •      Opportunity Assessment
  •      Day 1 Documents
  •      Back Office in the Cloud
  •      Comprehensive IP Search
  •      Trademark Prep & File + $500
Organized Capital
$3000 + filing fees
  •      Amended Governance
  •      Virtual Deal Room
  •      Templates & Workflows
  •      Document Review & Redline
  •      Signatures & Closing Binder
  •      Cap Table Management
Corporate Filings

All 50 States & Federal

We support our clients throughout the life of their companies. This includes preparing and managing the various corporate filings necessary to maintain compliance, protect property, raise money and restructure operations.


Business Formation

  • Incorporation
  • Registered Agent
  • Foreign Qualification
  • Good Standing


Governance Restructure

  • Amendment
  • Conversion
  • Merger
  • Dissolution
  • Reinstatement


Identification & Compliance

  • Annual Report
  • Franchise Tax
  • EIN
  • S-Corp Election
  • 501(c)3 Exemption


Securities & Property

  • Form C
  • Form D
  • Blue Sky
  • UCC
  • Deed
  • Trademark
  • Copyright



Law Office of Benny L. Walk

Representation for Owners, Operators, Makers & Creators

Inc. Pros contracts with the Law Office of Benny L. Walk to support clients:


  • raising capital through private placements, general solicitation and equity crowdfunding.
  • acquiring minority and control stakes in private companies and property interests.
  • commercializing IP rights through creative endeavors, production deals and licensing.


Our team is dedicated to supporting your success, whether you’re executing a complex transaction, launching a new venture or protecting innovative ideas.


Let us help you turn potential opportunities into positive outcomes.